The reason behind why you keep getting sick…

Hi guys! I’m so happy I finally get to share my own story where I decided to take control and change certain things due to how frustrated I was at that time from always getting sick.

To start to get your health back, I’m going to list here the things I eliminated from my diet that helped me get healthy and on a later post ( because I don’t want you guys to get overwhelmed; one step at a time) I will be posting also the things I incorporated in my diet to strengthen my immune system.

I used to get sick almost once a month with colds; flu symptoms. My first thought was “I need to go to the doctor” because it just wouldn’t go away by itself! It would start with the usual symptoms and then I would get a cough that would last for months. I would go to the doctor and everytime it would be the same. He would tell me: “it’s just a virus, you can take over the counter medication to feel better” and for the cough he would send me antibiotics and yes they worked after a few days but I was consuming antibiotics for years and at some point in my life I said: “No! I can’t continue my life like this.” Luckily, my boyfriend has always been into eating all-organic foods, in my opinion he was an extremist to the point of reading the list of ingredients on each products labels to find out what “added stuff it had”.  I’m forever grateful for his insight and guidance and I did start to eliminate the things that I knew I was consuming regularly; that I knew for fact were bad. Each person’s case is different because we all consume different foods but I’m sure you can familiarize yourself with some of these things that I reduced consumption on or stopped consuming completely:

  • Processed foods: microwaved meals, ready meals, etc.
  • Any cold cuts such as ham, bacon, hot dogs, sausage. ( If you are like me that love these things, at least make sure you it doesn’t have any “nitrates or nitrites” also labeled as “Sodium nitrate”. This is used to preserve such cured meats but it is known to be carcinogenic.
  • Soft drinks like Coca Cola, Sprite, iced tea, etc.
  • Fruit juices ( this was a big one for me, instead I bought all types of fruits and juice them in my blender or Ninja)
  •  Junk food ( I stopped buying burgers/fries at fast food chain restaurants; instead I go to Gourmet burger places or make them at home with good ingredients.
  • Chicken with no hormones/antibiotics added.
  • Beef I make sure it’s also organic or labeled as grass-fed.
  • Pre-flavored packaged products. (Instead buy the spices or plain flavor and spice it or sweeten yourself)

Basically anything that has preservatives and coloring; synthetic dyes are bad for you. I’m not big on candy myself but candy in general is bad due to this and other ingredients, especially for children.

So my recommendation is: avoid having foods that are easy to reach. Instead, buy all the ingredients and prepare them yourself; even if it takes more time. If you dont cook much, buy organic products. Do not eat anything packaged with ingredients you wouldn’t use to cook with at home. Usually, what’s bad for you will have a long list of ingredients with things you can’t even pronounce.

It’s unbelievable how your diet can play such an important and crucial role in your health. Change your diet and you will start seeing results; even in the way you feel.  I have to admit these diet changes took a lot of effort but at that point I was willing to do anything to get my health back.

I’m now a healthy person I rarely get sick and when I do it usually goes away in 2-3 days. As far as the cough I would get is due to me being allergic to animal dander, I have 2 amazing dogs I love but thanks to God each day I’m getting better with the supplements I take which I will talk about on another post.
Sorry this was long but didn’t want you guys to miss a thing! Your health deserves it! This was my personal experience and it worked for me. Hope you guys found it helpful and wish you guys good health!
Comment below if you would like to try this or if  you are already changing your eating habits, I’d love to hear about it! Don’t forget to follow me to keep you posted on my journey  🙂



Simple confession : Once in a while I get this craving for a soda or a simple doughnut and I go for it so if you can’t contain yourself do it but limit the dosage of it while you are starting out and then feed the craving once in a while;  if needed.