Herbal Allies for our Immune System…

Hello! Sorry I was away for some time, but I’m back and on today’s post I’m going to be telling you about two Herbal supplements to help boost our Immune System that I personally have used and helped me become a healthier person 🙂

As you guys know the Immune System is the body’s defense against infectious organisms, so when it feels threatened by such organisms or invaders into the body, it attacks them to prevent diseases. When we have a weak immune system, the virus or disease gets in our body and that’s why we get sick. The goal here is to strengthen our immune system so our bodies don’t get affected ( or at least as much) by a virus.  On my previous post, I recommended avoiding certain foods that are not too good for our bodies, this also plays an important role because “bad foods” make our immune system weak; easier for the virus to compromise our bodies. Click here to read about it. 

Since I had a really weak immune system I decided to start taking: Echinacea capsules. Echinacea (or Equinacea in Spanish) is a flower that is known to be “A natural antibiotic”, it helps fight viruses like the flu, colds, etc..you can find it over the counter, at any pharmacy, if you prefer to buy it organic you can find it at whole Foods or Nutritiom Smart. If you decide to buy it, make sure you read the instructions and consult a pharmacist or doctor before use, especially if you could be allergic to it or if you are pregnant. This is my personal experience I consume these capsules for a couple of months. 

I remember the first bottle I bought said to take it daily with a meal but no more than 7 days in a row so I would take it for a few days, stopped taking it and then start again. Since this specific one was not recommended to be taken for long periods of time I decided to stop it and went for a better option. 

The second herbal supplement I started consuming was OML PLUS Supreme by Omnilife Nutrition. It’s basically a nutritious drink you make; this one I got it in Acai fruit flavor and I love the taste, it comes in single packets and you mix it with 8 oz of water or juice and drink it! This was really a Gods sent because I had access to them way earlier but never bother to try it out; my Mom was a Distributor, she recommended it for a long time but I was stubborn back then and when I was in desperate need to find a cure for my sick days I finally decided to give it a try and she ordered one box for me and until now I keep using it to maintain my health. What I love about it is that it’s safe for people of all ages and you can consume it safely every day. So if you are trying to become pregnant for instance, you can consume it! It’s actually recommended for women before, during or after pregnancy. 

The OML PLUS Supreme is the Star product from the Nutrition line of Omnilife; these products are all natural nutrients and food supplements, extracted from fruits, cereals and vegetables. These products can’t be purchased at pharmacies because they are high end products so I’m building a website so anyone can get them online but this will take me some time, I’ve been working on it for some months now.  For the meantime, if you would like to find out about all the benefits of this product you can get more information here: NutriModa EBay Online Store or if you would like to try it out now, there’s only a few left. 

The reason why I decided to promote this magical product and make it accesible to anyone is because I tried it myself and I want to help others get healthy as I am now. Life is beautiful but without health we have nothing. Remember: this is part of the process to get healthy. The main part is to eat right 😉

The beauty about OML PLUS is that it doesn’t only have Equinacea, but it has all necessary nutrients, vitamins to strengthen your immune system along with the herbs or plants that your body can take more advantage of. Here’s a list of Mother Nature plants that this product has: 

I’m a true believer that all we need Mother Earth has provided us with and the best remedy is not found in drugs that are created in a lab but in the Earth on the trees and plants.  🍂🌳🌎





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